A Wide Range Of Payment Solutions

Find the InterPay Payment Terminal that suits your needs

Miura Systems is a pioneer in deploying secure EMV payment and mobile acceptance solutions. We provide payment technology based on a single global platform that transforms customer engagement in banking, retail, hospitality, transportation and other service environments. Helping acquirers, processors, PSPs, ISOs, ISVs, and systems integrators bring innovative solutions to market that scale across all industries, use cases, and geographies.

As part of InterPay responsibilities to maintain the highest securi- ty standards to protect customers’ data, we are proud to announce that InterPay is PCI DSS certified.
Our team will expand achieving the best practices and proce- dures to keeps our customer happy and safe.

Developer friendly

We simplify the complexity of payments and deliver an SDK that can be easily adapted by our partners regardless of their level of payment skill set.

Key management

Our SDK removes the considerable complexity around key management and in particular supporting remote key management services. This has substantial total cost of ownership benefits since terminals can be fulfilled dynamically in the field.

Open source

Every retail requirement is different, so we allow our partners the flexibility to use source libraries and amend or update software to meet their needs. There’s no compromise with Miura.

Payment and retail SDK

Our SDK also provides access to both payment and retail features. These features cover the full range of Miura products including the M020, M010, POSzle and ITP.


The M020 is a new leading-edge solution that empowers retailers through a single hardware integration to roll out payments across even the most challenging POS environments.


Miura’s M010 platform solution evolves the retail experience so interaction with customers is possible wherever they go and however they pay, supporting both contact and contactless transactions.


POSzleTM is the modular tablet POS solution that integrates with payment systems and POS software. It seamlessly combines everything you need to deliver a market leading POS proposition.