Fraud Management

SmartVista Fraud Management delivers a 21st century solution to fraud management Multi-institution, omni-channel, real - time and combining all of the key methods of handling risk and fraud into one product acquiring and issuing fraud Covers both Proven product with growing sales success With the full backing of the fastest growing enterprise payments company in the world.

SmartVista Fraud Management (SVFM) product is a modern and comprehensive risk and fraud management solution.

It helps institutions in preventing payment-related fraud and limiting associated financial loss.

Key Features

  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Business-driven rules
  • Statistics profiling
  • Machine learning (modelling)
  • Multiple validation modes
  • Alert generation
  • Case management
  • Solution flexibility
  • Secure: PA-DSS validated
  • White, black and fraud lists management
  • Report generation
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Cardholder, cards, merchants and other entities management
  • Multi-institution
  • Omni-channel & multi-channel
  • Multi-node
  • High reliability, scalability & high performance
  • Ease of integration