Digital Banking

Mobile and Internet Banking has become a crucial and necessary interaction channel between a bank and its customers and the absence of these digital channels could even drive consumers to look for other providers for their financial needs.

BPC Banking Technologies’ SmartVista delivers the full range of omni channel services that meet today’s customer expectations. SmartVista covers both internet and mobile channels, supporting the entire spectrum of digital services in real time: from balances and account information, fund transfers, bill and utility payments, online account opening to foreign currency transactions.


Digital channels do not only offer a bank’s customer the tools they desire to interact with their bank, at the same time they also do create clear benefits for banks. With the bank’s products become available through digital channels, there is a reduced need to have physical presence such as branches. A bank’s reach is no longer limited by the geographical coverage of their branch and agent network once digital banking becomes available to their customers and as a result, the reach of a bank is no longer limited by their physical presence, allowing to access new clients that were not in reach before. Consumers are able to perform basic operations through self-service, reducing the operational cost and allow banks to focus their resources on the more complex tasks and advisory tasks – enforcing the relation with their customers and increasing their cross selling opportunities.

SmartVista Key Features

  1. Manage cards, accounts, loans and limits including linking to cards issued at other banks
  2. Perform a wide range of banking transactions: payments, transfers, currency conversions, remittance (cash by code) including cardless transactions
  3. Submit customer applications for banks products and services
  4. View customer details: cards and accounts info, cardholders’ details, loyalty program details
  5. Industry grade security features, including biometric authentication and country transaction restrictions